9. - 12. AUGUST 2018
Tübingen - Germany  

 GaiExpo Forum and Conferences are aimed at bringing together policy makers, academia, entrepreneurs, experts, civil society, private sectors, NGOs, Reseachers, scholars from diversed discipline who are involved in Africa. We provide a platform for fuitful dialogue and trainings in related areas.

 Contact our team for all enquiry on how to register and attend  - Attendee, Presenter, Exhibitor and Guest speaker!  - Registration and participation at forums and conferences if free of charge! 

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Programm Highlights (Topics and detail Program Coming Soon)

  • Thursday,  9th August 2018:  Conference on peace and security in Africa ( The forum offers an informal platform for critical discussion on peace and security challenges facing the continent today, reason why rise of refugees fleeing the continent?!  This Forum explore how Africans in the diaspora and Africans in Africa can contribute to peace building. 
  • Friday, 10th August 2018:    Business Forum on Investments opportunities in sub-Sahara Africa  (This Forum offers an insight on opportunities and challenges investing in sub-Sahara Africa)
  • Saturday, 11th August 2018:  Pan-Africa Conference on Education ( This conference offers an insight on investing in Africa´s future - R&D) 
  • Sunday, 12th August 2018: Pan-Africa Conference on Peace and Democracy (The reform of the African Union is no longer a wish list. It is real, it is irreversible, and it is already making a difference -H.E Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda and AU Chairperson for 2018. This forum shall elaborate on the AU agenda and reforms on refugees fleeing the continent). 

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