9. - 12. AUGUST 2018

Africa Market and handmade products     

The 4 day Market consist of Appr. 60% African and handmade products and 30% from other developing countries -handcraft, home and outdoor decorations articles, gifts and souvenirs, cloths, colored fabrics, music instruments-Djembés, xylophones, Chekeres,   Jewelries, handmade fiber weaved baskets, Masks, paintings and animals craft for home decoration. Household articles - chairs, bed covers, candles and more. Products are mostly handmade from Africa´s raw materials and more. 

Opening hours:

Thursday to  Saturday: 10:00 - 23:00,      Sunday till 20.00 pm

Call for Participation: 

For Traders and Exhibitors, registration has begun, all you need to do is click on REGISTRATIONS, fill out forms and send. 

For enquiry and Information, send us an E-MAIL an: INFO@GABS-GERMANY.DE

Foto Gallery

 Floor Plan